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The patents to the ReCyclone Vertical Gyroscopic Mill were acquired by Curtis Lawrence Harris in 1985. The technology serves as a front-end for systems which convert wastes into energy and a variety of useful products and materials.   Inergy Plus Technologies (IPT)  also has the experience and technology to extend the life of existing municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills or eliminate them entirely. The Vertical Gyroscopic Mill, is in its 4th generation of continual improvement. In addition, IPT has applied for additional patents,  copyrighted software, and registered tradenames.

Increasing MSW disposal costs demand new solutions to reduce costs while meeting stringent environmental safety and quality standards. IPT's state-of-the-art proprietary technologies provide a decisive advantage in the processing of waste to recover materials and energy while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the amount of waste normally sent to a landfill. Where high-capacity recycling is not practical, processing wastes through a ReCyclone VGM can significantly  lower the cost of MSW disposal by drying wastes during processing and simultaneously increasing the compressibility of wastes taken to the landfill.  This results in lower transportation costs and a significantly longer landfill life.

The VGM processes and segregates many wastes into usable and processable materials such as compostable biomass, refuse-derived fuels, and feedstock for production of fertilizer, building materials, synthetic fuels and fuel additives, chemicals and energy. The Inergy Plus Technologies processing and management systems are true 21st century technologies and not the superficial modifications of the previous century technologies.

By integrating the value of saved landfill space and the recycled commodities, IPT's concept creates a financially and environmentally sound program which can easily be implemented at almost any existing operation.

MSW landfill operators can delay or avoid the substantial costs associated with the closure and post-closure of landfills.    IPT processing reduces moisture, resulting in less MSW which must be transported to the landfill. Processing also significantly increases compressibility.  Together, these modifications extend landfill life and reduce operating costs.  In some cases, processed material can even be used to close existing landfills at the end of their useful life, reducing the cost of closure and post-closure care.  An additional advantage is postponing or avoiding the need for location of a replacement landfill. 

Transfer stations and railhaul facilities can profit from a reduction in volume and  weight by using PowerMaster's ReCyclone technology to process MSW before transport.

Advantages of the ReCyclone VGM Hardware Technologies:

The heavily-built ReCyclone VGM is designed to provide the operator with a long-lived unit having a very low operating cost. Operators are able to quickly obtain replacement parts, most of which can be procured or even fabricated locally.

The ReCylone is designed to be easily maintained.  Maintenance is quick and inexpensive.  There is virtually no risk of catastrophic failure, even if tramp metal is accidently introduced into the processor.

 Repairs can be completed with ease through a full-sized access port; impellers, internal armor-plates, rotor discs, and safety bolts are replaced easily with common tools. 

Applications of the ReCyclone Technologies are: 

The ReCyclone provides low cost-per-ton primary reduction, as well as direct reduction-to-size for many materials. .

The ReCylone VGM can be adjusted to produce a product with a particle size ranging from inches to microns.

Processed material exits the ReCyclone VGM in a rapidly-moving air stream, which facilitates separation into different components where that is a desired result.

The ReCyclone can provide unequaled high-speed blending and mixing. These multiple features of the processor allow for creation of  "recipes" that blend various feed materials to generate more valuable products or feed stocks.