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News Release: November 2011:

Inergy Plus Technologies has recently reached several international marketing agreements involving their advanced world class technologies converting multiple forms of human/cultural wastes into valuable commodities and assets.

Inergy Plus Technologies is now registering extremely new advanced hardware and software technologies that have been tested and proven to recover extensively usable materials from what has been considered wasted human products, into quality commodities which will reduce the poverty of the human race in third and fourth world countries while significantly improving the world wide environment.

As Inergy Plus Technologies and the rest of the world enter into the second decade of the 21st Century, IPT has also entered into licensing and marketing agreements with several companies and countries around the world, outside of the United States.

During the first quarter of this next year, 2012, IPT will unveil several new cooperating companies and countries along with several new and improved mechanical and software technologies and formulas that are already changing the future vision of the Planet Earth.

Curtis Lawrence Harris

CEO-Inergy Plus Technologies