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The ReCyclone PowerMaster Verticle Gyroscopic Mill Systems, represent over twenty years of continual improvement in the technology for processing wastes to recover energy and materials for beneficial use. 
Greatly Reduce or Eliminate Landfill Fees
Over the past five years, Inergy Plus Technologies has acquired the rights, patents, copyrights, licenses, trademarks and tradenames of the following: PowerMaster Corp, ReCyclone, Eliminator, ReCyclonePowerMaster.  These technologies, which date to 1976,  are in their 4th and 5th generation of research, development , and application.

Company History

Since 1985, IPT's predecessor companies have provided unique reuse technologies which have reduced costs and liabilities associated with landfill ownership. Inergy Plus Technologies has the proven ability to design, permit, build, and deliver facilities for the economical treatment of municipal and commercial wastes using proven equipment and processes in environmentally sound ways.  IPT's technology enables high-volume recycling at an affordable cost.  This enables sustainable recycling while simultaneously reducing landfill operating costs and increasing the value of a landfill. The family of Inergy Plus Technologies and Strategic Partners provide waste processing and re-use technologies which convert many forms of waste into organic fertilizer, compost, electricity, refuse-derived fuel, gasoline additives and diesel fuel, chemicals, construction materials, and in the end, food.

The IPT Concept

Eliminate landfilling of City, County and community garbage and trash.
Furnish safe, rugged, long-lived and profitable facilities that cost-effectively and sustainably recycle a variety of waste materials into valuable products and energy.
Support recycling with cost-effective and sustainable strategies.
Generate High Value recycled energy, products, and materials.
Reduce or eliminate disposal costs.
Create New Sustainable Jobs.
Reduce Negative Environmental Impact.


The ReCyclone PowerMaster is an Advanced Vertical Gyroscopic Mill (VGM) and is the new "Engine" of the materials processing industries. The ReCyclone Powermaster processes the following waste types:  Municipal Solid Wastes, Construction and Demolition Wastes, Agricultural Wastes, Wood, Industrial Wastes from Food Processing and other Industries, and More.

In combination with other technologies, the ReCyclone VGM allows the conversion of wastes into a variety of end products, such as soils, fertilizers, fuel and fuel additives, chemicals, energy and construction materials.

The ReCyclone processor mill is constructed and designed to operate for over three decades.  There are several sizes and horsepower configurations available. The primary benefits of the machine are: 

  • Very low downtime
  • Lower energy usage than competitors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Infinitely adjustable for particle size, throughput, air flow, moisture reduction

ReCylone machines are available in portable systems. Portable units allow for multiple uses at different locations. Infinite adjustibility allows for processing many different materials with one portable system.

Contact the staff of Inergy Plus Technologies with your questions concerning these amazing claims at 830-522-0590